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In 480 BC, at a narrow pass in central Greece, 300 Soldiers held off a much larger force of invaders. Each Spartan knew through years of training and battle that the man to his right carried a shield which covered his fighting side. The shield was the only piece of fighting equipment considered essential as it was the glue that held the phalanx formation together. The man carrying it was the only thing keeping the formation intact. Through the ages soldiers have always known the only thing you can count on during hard conflict has been the other warrior next to you. That person who always has your six. 

The Oklahoma Veterans Alliance has your six. Our mission is straight forward; endeavoring to empower Oklahoma Vets with support, knowledge and a voice. A battle buddy helping to navigate the terrain back home, bringing a piece of mind that only those who have served can comprehend. Thank you for serving with us.  

-Doc Chambers              


LTC Pete “Doc” Chambers joined the army in 1983 as an infantryman and has served over 33 years in either the Regular Army, National Guard or Reserves. He has served as both an enlisted soldier and as an officer.  After his first Honorable Discharge he had a break in service and attended college and medical school. He completed a residency and then worked as a Family Practitioner and Emergency Medicine physician. After the United States was attacked on 9/11 he returned to the US Army Special Forces. He has several deployments overseas and is a Combat Wounded Disable American Veteran.

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